This is a basic fried rice recipe that can be used as a base for many different options. You may for example add chicken, shrimp and scallops, sugar snap peas, spinach, bell pepper, carrots, celery, chilies, etc. The big caveat about this recipe is that you want to cook the rice a day in advance and allow it to dry out and become slightly hard.

After trying a number of different recipes for enchilada sauce, I have settled on this one for now. It has what I would call an "earthy" flavor compared to say a more tomato-like one. One of the primary uses of enchilada sauce is arguably, and in my view, as a sauce to use when making enchiladas. However, since what I put in my enchiladas are based on my mood and what I have around, I will not outline a specific enchilada recipe, but just the way I put them together.

I like this recipe as it comes together quickly so you do not have to really plan ahead. Plus they are better at holding together against a greasy hamburger than some other recipes I have tried. I use a stand mixer so the steps reflect that. These also make great dinner rolls. Since you are making these you can control how large they are.

This basic beef stew is good for the colder months. It takes a while to cook so requires some advanced planning, but most of that time the stew is just simmering and filling the area with warm smells. I used to make stew in the slow cooker so I could toss items into it in the morning and have things ready come dinner time, but I think this version has a little more hearty of a flavor.

This recipe provides more servings than I usually like to make, but that is due to the size of the beef chuck usually found for sale. It freezes and reheats well, though.

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