Contrary to the name of this drink, it contains absolutely no tea. It is instead a mixture of a number of different types of alcohol. The "tea" name comes from the lemon juice giving a strong citrus flavor and the dark cola giving it a color similar to tea. This is a crisp drink I like on a hot day, but usually would turn to a margarita in those cases due to the potency of this drink.

Outside of espresso-based coffee drinks, my favorite way of preparing coffee is with the French Press. It is less convenient when making coffee for a gathering as it has to be made in multiple batches, but for daily use, once you find your preferred coffee to water ratio, it comes together fairly quickly. This recipe covers both single-serve and full carafe measurements. These measurements and grind sizes are unique to my equipment, so this recipe is more in case I forget the ratios I found to work best for me. I also tried adjusting various variables including things like heating the carafe before adding the water and agitating the coffee mixture along with more obvious variables such as grind size, the coffee to water ratio, the time to steep, and the temperature of the water. In the end I disregarded things that did not seem to impact the flavor in any meaningful way.

When I am looking for a crisp, refreshing, citrus drink on a hot day, the margarita is one of my first choices. I do not like the salted rims or the larger margarita glasses, and prefer a version with just the basic ingredients.

While I usually like my whiskey neat with a splash of water, there are times that I prefer a cold, "desert" whiskey. In those cases I turn to the Old Fashioned as it is a refreshing end to dinner. Many times I will skip the simple syrup. I do not have a mold to make ice spheres, but I may pick one up as the regular ice cubes melt quickly watering down the drink. I also prefer simple syrup over a sugar cube.

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