Although I first tried this recipe as a larger effort to make Gyros (see Gyro Meat), it works well for sandwiches, or instead of dinner rolls, (see Quick Buns for a fast way to make dinner rolls). The dough can also be frozen after the first rise to make it quicker to use when wanted. I am still looking for tips on how to consistently get a balloon-type "puffing" when cooking these, but if I am not filling them that is not important. Usually with one batch I will have enough fillable pieces to make what I need and I use the others as sides for another meal. Note that this recipe assumes the use of a stand mixer.

For general sliced bread needs, this is my go-to option. In my view good uses of this bread are things such as a cold cut sandwich, French toast, or for sopping up chili. I do not make the "2lb loaf pan" type of bread too often, but when I do this is what I prefer.

This is my son's favorite pizza at least at the time of writing. He says it is even better than a well-known local pizza chain! It has a crispy, fried crust, but the interior while dense is fluffy. I use a stand mixer, a special 10x14 pizza pan, and an oven that can reach 500°F. Kneading by hand and a different high-sided metal pan may work fine, but a hot oven is really needed to get the char on the crust.

I like this recipe as it comes together quickly so you do not have to really plan ahead. Plus they are better at holding together against a greasy hamburger than some other recipes I have tried. I use a stand mixer so the steps reflect that. These also make great dinner rolls. Since you are making these you can control how large they are.

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