While researching guacamole recipes I found that most were very similar, so I picked one that seemed to have the flavor combinations I liked most and tried that. It was a hit for Thanksgiving, so I saw no need to tweak it with ideas from other recipes. I also use variations on this for things like avocado toast where, for example, I dice things smaller, use white onions instead of red, add sour cream, and replace the cayenne with a liquid hot sauce, (and make a much smaller portion--one avocado is plenty for two servings of avocado toast). This recipe is for the "chunky-style dip for 12 as long as there are other snacks available" that I may make when entertaining. However, the size of your dices and other things can be modified depending on personal preference and use.

I have seen and tried a few different techniques on how to remove the skin and seed from a Haas avocado. The one that works for me is below. Another method may work better for you.

This is a quick dish that works well for a picnic or on pulled pork sandwiches. It is also a great way to use up excess cabbage from other recipes. I like this recipe as it has a bite to it along with a little sweetness. Additional things such as shredded carrots, hot sauce, and cayenne or red pepper may be added as desired.

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