From what I understand, this is typically served as a side dish, but it works well as a full meal for me. I could also see reducing the amount of potato and adding some shredded chicken or lamb, or black beans to provide some protein. Every recipe I researched had a different approach to the supporting ingredients, viscosity, and order and timings of the cooking. Therefore, I am not sure if there is an "official" standard recipe, or if it is more like different regions or even different families have their own take on the dish. My approach is a combination of multiple recipes along with some of my own contributions. The result is a fairly thick dish with a moderate amount of heat, (although you may adjust the heat to your liking), and an earthy spice mixture. I avoided some of the more involved spice preparations along with some of the spices or other ingredients that may not be as common in an American household.

After trying a number of different ways of making French Fries this technique is a winner. The goal is a crispy outside with a gooey inside. I have used yukon gold, russet, red and sweet potatoes, and they have all turned out well. Russet and yukon gold seem to be the best, however. Sweet potatoes seem to work better with a lower final cooking temperature and a larger width, and never seem to get as crispy, but I like the flavor.

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