A while back I asked William what we wanted to do for his birthday. I expected something like take his class to Zap Zone for laser tag, go ice skating, go to Chuck-E-Cheese, etc. Instead, he said he wanted to eat out and then come home and play “sports” with friends. I was a little worried at this point as I wasn’t sure I was up to hosting a large group of 2nd grade boys at the house, but I said OK and asked him who he’d like to invite. Surprisingly, he just gave me a list of three friends, (and he told me not to worry because they were well-behaved…huh??) At this point, I couldn’t say no. William—a 2nd grader mind you—wasn’t looking for some big birthday bash at a glitzy place with a bunch of people. Instead, he just wanted to share some time playing at his house with a few of his closest friends. So, one Tuesday while William was at gymnastics, Ann and I set out to plan the party.

Ann's quote of the night: "I can sew and tie off a button. That's a useful skill when I get married. Especially if he's big. 'Pop! Honey! I lost another button!' '*sigh* Oh, dear.'"

I wonder if she’s planning to marry the Incredible Hulk…?

I took the kids to their (and my) first baseball game at Comerica Park today.

I’m not big into baseball, but the kids are. They know all the players on the Tiger’s roster and even have nicknames for some of them, (Sir Spits-a-lot I guess is a pitcher, but didn’t play this game, Bobble-Head, and, um, Mr. Idiot).

For several months I've been setting of store security systems maybe half the time when passing through. The kids found this rather funny and started taking bets if the alarm would go off. (There was much cheering either way, which I'm sure looked pretty odd.) Recently, I took the plastic card holder out of my wallet for some reason and found one of those RFID tags wedged way in the back of its slot. So, if you buy someone a wallet for Christmas, be sure to tell them to take out the tag. Or, depending on your demeanor, make sure it's really stuffed in there...

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