I put an alarm clock in Ann's room a while ago just because it was around and she seems interested in 1) the time and 2) the weather forecast.  (Not that the clock I put in her room would help with the latter, but she has several ways of getting that on her own now.  I think that's because she kept asking me about the day's temperatures and got tired of my "beats me" response—I don't pay much attention to forecasts, but did begrudgingly explain some way to look up things on the computer with the caveat that "they may be wrong.")

A little ditty written after getting a little annoyed by the process and procedures for any changes implemented in response to the SOX legislation.

(To the tune of "Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)" by Pink Floyd)

We don’t need no Unit Test Case.
We don’t need no B-R-S.  [Ed. Business Requirements Specification]
No dark audit of our checklist.
Process—leave them devs alone.
Hey process!  Leave them devs alone!
All in all it’s just a-nother check in the box.
All in all you’ve got a-nother check in the box.

On Labor Day, the kids were away and my parents and I decided to do a bike ride in the late afternoon.  It would be like the one I took with William recently and described in an earlier post—through Gallop Park and into Ann Arbor—although a little bit longer.

I was busy cleaning the bathrooms and doing some laundry, (the sorts of exciting things I do when the kids are away), when I realized I was going to be late.  No worries, though; we didn’t have much of a schedule to keep.  But I was in a bit of a rush to load the bike on the car, change out of the pants I was wearing because they smelled of shower cleaner, and head out.  (Danger! Foreshadowing alert!)

Ann had two birthday parties to attend yesterday; one of them being a sleep-over.  That left William and I to our own devices for several hours.  All of us hung out in the morning before Ann’s gatherings and ate lunch before dropping Ann off at her first engagement.  William and I ran a couple errands after that, (stopping for a strawberry smoothie at the mall), but afterward spent a good hour in the front yard throwing a football back and forth chatting.  That alone would have been great, but it was only the first act of what was to become.

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