I don’t seem to have much luck with rabbits.

Several years ago at the old house, I was mindlessly mowing the lawn listening to music when all of a sudden something leaped out of the ground right in front of the lawnmower. After recovering from that jerk back to reality, I realized that I was about an inch away from running over a small crater in the yard with a handful of baby rabbits in it. I think only the one hopped away from impending doom—or at least a painful disfigurement—but enough stayed behind or returned to their home later that for a while there was a largish square of uncut grass in the backyard. They did finally all leave and hop off to destinations unknown, and I was able to mow the area again.

We just returned from a vacation to Washington D.C. First of all: a huge thanks to my Michigan parents for providing this as we would not have gone without them financing the whole thing! It was a great trip with several stories to tell, but I'll try to stick with just an overview.

Monday: It's morning in Michigan and we have a flight to Baltimore to catch.  Yes, it's the end of April and there's snow coming down; that's Michigan for you.  It's not the first time the kids have been through a pre-flight de-icing, but they still seem to get a kick out of it—especially when the pinkish liquid gets sprayed above the windows and the snow slides down in front of their eyes.  When we step outside in Baltimore, however, it is undeniably spring.  Even though the temperature says light coats are in order, the sun is bright and warming enough to strip down to short sleeves.  We splurge on a taxi, (hey, it's vacation!), to downtown, grab lunch somewhere and head over to the aquarium.  Awesome.  We then walk along the waterfront, tour some historic ships, grab dinner, (time flies), then manage to find our way to some public transportation back to the airport.

We had her party before her actual birthday and all had a good time. For her party, she wanted to eat out with a small group of friends, go ice skating and then head back to the house for cake and general playing around. She insisted on making and frosting her own cake, although after a few attempts at writing with frosting on wax paper, she let me do that part, (she did the frosting flowers, though). All had a good time.

After everyone had left, Ann wanted to try out her presents. After trying on three or four different flavors of lip gloss and letting us know how they tasted, William couldn't stand it anymore and pulled me outside to play soccer. I thought that Ann would follow us after a bit, but she didn't show up so I figured I'd better check on what she was doing.

My neighbor has this ATV with a snowplow on it.   His brother lives on the other side of me.  Since brother 1, (the one with the ATV—the older one I think), clears brother 2's driveway when it snows enough to break out the heavy equipment, I benefit because he leaves the plow down and clears my sidewalk on the way over.  This is really neat because it cuts my shoveling in half.  (I keep telling myself that I'll get a snow blower, but I never seem to get around to adding it to the budget—besides it's a good forced workout.)

So, tonight while finishing up dinner, I hear the ATV running around reminding me that I had to still shovel.  I get outside and start when my neighbor drives up and says "thanks for helping my wife today."

OK, back up a bit...

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