For several months I've been setting of store security systems maybe half the time when passing through. The kids found this rather funny and started taking bets if the alarm would go off. (There was much cheering either way, which I'm sure looked pretty odd.) Recently, I took the plastic card holder out of my wallet for some reason and found one of those RFID tags wedged way in the back of its slot. So, if you buy someone a wallet for Christmas, be sure to tell them to take out the tag. Or, depending on your demeanor, make sure it's really stuffed in there...

Recently the kids and I ate at Red Robin. They were holding a contest where people would send in their ideas for a burger. The winning concept would then be featured on the menu. Since seeing that the kids and I have been experimenting with various burger options at home. We’ve made ham and cheese burgers where cubes of ham and cheese were stuffed into the middle of a patty, a Mexican burger for which I cannot recall the recipe, and Ann's Pizza Burger.

To replicate this, make patties (I use ground turkey, egg, bread crumbs, pasta sauce, and salt and pepper). Cook for a bit. Spread pizza sauce on top, add toppings, (I used diced tomatoes, some sliced ham cut up and fried for a bit, and onions), add a pinch of the Italian herb mix, then top with mozzarella cheese, (soy cheese for William). Broil to melt the cheese. I've never seen the kids eat dinner so fast.

I said, "hello,"
What was her answer--
A look of distrust;
A look of distain.

What will she prove
With that icy stare?
That I am unworthy
To help raise our kids?

I said, "hello";
She didn’t reply.
The look on her face
Was answer enough.

The paper cup,
drained, discarded,
buffeted about
by indifferent winds.
Its purpose in life,
the relief it gave,
now forgotten--
a snapshot in time.
The final fall
with laughter in parting.
Its concrete bed,
an uncaring grave.
Longing to be,
quench thirst once again.
But who wants to drink
from a dirty used cup?

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