For a project at work we kept a dashboard of tasks, due dates, and a color status depicting how on track we were to meet the deadline. Green meant that things were on target, yellow meant that there were potential issues that would put us behind, and red meant that we had missed the deadline. My thought was that if we used the hour or so every day we spent going over the chart we could be much further along with the project. That was the inspiration for this parody. The attached document also includes the graphics that went along with the song.

(To the tune of "Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones)

I see a red dot and I want to paint it black
No colors anymore I want them to turn black
I see the dots scroll by dressed in their pleasing green
I have to turn my head when red comes on the scene

I see a line of dots and they’re all painted black
With mouse and keyboard clicks, they’re never coming back
I see due dates come up fast and quickly fade away
Like a task unwritten it just happens ev’ry day

This was written for the kids to get them to eat broccoli.

(To the tune of the chorus in "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga)

What’s green and shaped like a tree
And fills our mouths up with glee?
It is that awesome veggie
We call bro-cco-li!

We eat it up for a snack,
We eat it up at our lunch.
We eat it all the time
‘Cuz we love it a bunch!

Grab that broccoli off the shelf
This is good for my own health
Baby we just eat that way!

Pop it in and chew it up
Blend and pour it in a cup
Baby we just eat that way!

A little ditty written after getting a little annoyed by the process and procedures for any changes implemented in response to the SOX legislation.

(To the tune of "Another Brick in the Wall (Part II)" by Pink Floyd)

We don’t need no Unit Test Case.
We don’t need no B-R-S.  [Ed. Business Requirements Specification]
No dark audit of our checklist.
Process—leave them devs alone.
Hey process!  Leave them devs alone!
All in all it’s just a-nother check in the box.
All in all you’ve got a-nother check in the box.

These are lyrics to a song; a song for which I have long forgotten the melody.

It’s not real
          (But it is)
A cloak of knowing
Rests on my head

Life and death
          Sounds of truth
          In the crowd
          Speak to wisdom

Spin me a tune
          (Spin me a tune)

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