I said, "hello,"
What was her answer--
A look of distrust;
A look of distain.

What will she prove
With that icy stare?
That I am unworthy
To help raise our kids?

I said, "hello";
She didn’t reply.
The look on her face
Was answer enough.

The paper cup,
drained, discarded,
buffeted about
by indifferent winds.
Its purpose in life,
the relief it gave,
now forgotten--
a snapshot in time.
The final fall
with laughter in parting.
Its concrete bed,
an uncaring grave.
Longing to be,
quench thirst once again.
But who wants to drink
from a dirty used cup?

Fast forward through
The daily routine.
No need to watch;
You've seen it before.

Although subtle changes
May sometimes appear,
They remain unseen--
Lost in the blur.

Something catches your eye,
You grab the remote.
But the controls don't work,
The batteries are drained.

So there is no stop;
There is no rewind.
The play button's broken;
Hang on for the ride!

A chest,
A book,
A scent,
A look.
Vanishing slowly;
Pieces of you.

A home,
A plan,
A future,
A laugh,
Vanishing slowly;
pieces of life.

A love,
A bond,
A trust,
All gone.
Vanishing slowly;
Pieces of me.

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