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Hello, my name is Karyl F. Stein and this is my website–a place to collect artifacts related to my family and interests. Family and friends may enjoy the journal entries. Perhaps some will wonder how I prepared a certain meal and look up the recipe. Searches for technical setup or configuration help may lead to one of my articles. Others may wonder how they got to this site and quickly run away! Whatever your reason for being here you are welcome and I hope that you find something interesting or useful within these pages.

Latest Articles

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – 2024 Edition

    Virtual Private Network (VPN) – 2024 Edition

    A detailed explanation of what a virtual private network (VPN) provides and how I use it may be found in Home Private Network (VPN) – 2021 edition. My goals for a VPN have not changed since then, but the technology used to implement it has. This change was made because unRAID, the platform I use […]

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  • Brussel Sprouts

    Brussel Sprouts

    Over the years, I tried to find as many vegetable dishes as possible that my kids would enjoy or at least tolerate eating. While I had tried preparing brussel sprouts in various ways, it was not until I came across the method of slicing the sprouts into strips that the kids came on board. The […]

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  • Egg Drop Soup

    Egg Drop Soup

    I once had an “authentic” version of egg drop soup at a restaurant in Chinatown in Las Vegas. It was not the bright yellow, gelatinous version that you find in many Chinese restaurants in the US. Instead, it was a lighter, more nuanced broth with various items added to it such as spinach and mushrooms. […]

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  • Automating Bathroom Fans

    Automating Bathroom Fans

    I have found that running the exhaust fan in the bathroom drastically reduces the amount of discoloration of grout lines. When consistently using the fan when taking a shower and letting it continue to run for a while afterword, my need to scrub grout lines went from every couple of weeks to almost never. The […]

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  • Grilled Caesar Chicken (GB)

    Grilled Caesar Chicken (GB)

    This is a “good, but…” recipe meaning that it was something that I enjoyed, but had some issues that made me not want to pursue more recipe testing and tweaking to become something that I turn into a recipe that I use on a regular basis. However, due to its flavor or other variables, it […]

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