Tartar Sauce

This is a quick and easy tartar sauce that is made with items I usually have on hand. It tastes great and can be tweaked to your liking. There really is no need for me to have store-bought tartar sauce and instead I can make small batches on demand. I tested two batches of this, […]

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Crème Fraîche

This can be replaced by sour cream, but it mixes better under heat and I think tastes better. It does take a couple days of preparation before use, though, so some forethought is needed. Timings Prep: 5 minutesWait: 3 days Ingredients Steps References

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Finished cheese sauce topping broccoli, grilled chicken, and egg noodles served on a white plate.

Cheese Sauce

This is a generic cheese sauce. It can be made with various types of cheese. While the original recipe has a focus on it being a sauce for vegetables, I use it for things like macaroni and cheese, cheesy potatoes, and cheesy chicken pasta. See the notes below for cautions about certain types of cheese

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Tangy BBQ Sauce

This is a generic BBQ sauce probably considered as of the Kansas City variety. It is tangy yet sweet, and can be tempered with more sugar if desired. It does not need to simmer the full time listed in the recipe, but I like it thick as well. This sauce is probably something that you

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