Karyl F. Stein

Skills Summary

  • TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x.
  • Linux system administration, BASH scripting.
  • Security, cryptology, and layer 2+ networking.
  • Tailors communication to audience (technical / business / international).
  • Understands different cultures and mannerisms.
  • Builds trust through honesty and openness to differing viewpoints.
  • Acts as team champion to management, business, and other teams.
  • Enables team members by obtaining resources and approvals.
  • Provides guidance and mentoring.

Additional skills

  • Designing and implementing complex, fault-tolerant systems.
  • “Jack of all trades” but able to learn / deep-dive into technology quickly.
  • Strong analytical skills (debugging / root cause).


Senior Technical Analyst / System Architect Principal
FedEx Services
2006 – 2023

  • Architected, scheduled, documented, and implemented a plan to move 178 applications running on 340 production servers (plus additional development and test servers) utilizing TIBCO BusinessWorks 5 to a cloud environment including modernizing those applications (Jenkins / Splunk / AppD / Puppet / Oauth2).
  • Analyzed and implemented a rapid increase of compute capacity of up to 750% within a six-week time period working with multiple infrastructure groups.
  • Designed and helped develop the initial integration of a large European transportation company with FedEx systems.
  • Created and documented policies and procedures for system / application configuration and management.
  • Developed and documented automation (BASH/PERL) to manage applications and systems.

Senior Technical Analyst (Acting as Project Manager)
FedEx Services
2005 – 2006 (18 months)

  • Provided project management support working with development and business groups to generate and track schedules, prioritization, and milestones utilizing the waterfall software development method.
  • Generated and presented various status updates for different levels of management.

Senior Technical Analyst
FedEx Services
2004 – 2005 (12 months)

  • Designed, developed, and documented an Application Programming Interface (API) written in C that mimics a FedEx docking device allowing business partners to more easily integrate their handheld devices to integrate with FedEx systems.
  • Added features to software written in C# used by business partners that use FedEx-approved handheld devices.

Technical Analyst / Senior Technical Analyst
FedEx Express / FedEx Services
1998 – 2004

  • Acted as lead of the connectivity review process ensuring that connections with external parties were secure. Wrote standards and informational documents consumable by a wide audience explaining what the standards meant and why they were important. Performed physical, network, and software audits. Created relationships with business units, development groups, legal, networking engineering groups in the US and international regions, and business partners to streamline reviews.
  • Implemented the first public key infrastructure (PKI) at FedEx for enterprise-wide authentication and encryption. Designed and built a fault-tolerant infrastructure including LDAP servers (Netscape), Certificate Authorities (Entrust), and network storage (Veritas). Selected as Team Lead.



  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science awarded 1998.
  • Worked for the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS—formally Computer Operations, Auditing and Security Team—COAST), a global leader for research and education in information security crucial to the protection of critical computing and communication infrastructure.
  • Designed and launched a firewall evaluation system.
  • Assisted with development of the AAFID intrusion detection system.
  • Developed software to help manage the hot list database.


  • Two-time recipient of FedEx Five Star, the highest award at FedEx (2017 and 2022)
  • Purple Promise Quality Award (2016)
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