Brussel Sprouts

Over the years, I tried to find as many vegetable dishes as possible that my kids would enjoy or at least tolerate eating. While I had tried preparing brussel sprouts in various ways, it was not until I came across the method of slicing the sprouts into strips that the kids came on board. The […]

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Finished mustard cole slaw served in a clear bowl.

Mustard Cole Slaw

This is a quick dish that works well for a picnic or on pulled pork sandwiches. It is also a great way to use up excess cabbage from other recipes. I like this recipe as it has a bite to it along with a little sweetness. Additional things such as shredded carrots, hot sauce, and

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Guacamole with two chips sticking out in a white bowl.


While researching guacamole recipes I found that most were very similar, so I picked one that seemed to have the flavor combinations I liked most and tried that. It was a hit for Thanksgiving, so I saw no need to tweak it with ideas from other recipes. I also use variations on this for things

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