I enjoy writing of all types from technical instructional manuals to journal entries to poetry and more. In many cases this is just a way for me to arrange my thoughts, be able to replicate something I’ve done, or work through things. For journal entries, it is a way for me to somewhat reliably remember an event. From what I have heard and read, the human brain does not store memories in a “read-only” fashion, so each time you revisit that memory it may change and that change may perpetuate to the next time it is “remembered” and possibly changed again. That is why some of my journal entries end with a note that too much time has passed since the event so I do not trust that all the details would be true at least to my perception at the time. On the other hand, a memory is more than just facts. Sometimes the feelings around a memory or thought will take hold resulting in a short story or an essay. Those are the sorts of things that you will find here. Please enjoy (or not) these brief glimpses into my mind and accounts of certain days in my and my family’s life.


A day into a business trip to Colorado my boss asked me if I wanted to go see Collective Soul and the Gin Blossoms in Denver Thursday night. I hesitated for a moment just thinking about the logistics. The problem was that we were in Colorado Springs, which was an hour and a half drive

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Weekend With Liam

With Liam’s phone under lock and key (don’t ask), we spent the evening old school. Things started with dinner and an episode of Dude Perfect. Then Liam wanted to take a skateboard out where I was reminded that my balance and fearlessness has been diminished by age and lack of fitness. Then it was a

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Worst Case Scenario

Chapter 1 The car, SUV, or whatever it was once was, lay on its side as if it had been a mound of dough slapped flat by callused hands then thrown against a concrete pillar. The pillar was real and seemingly unscathed—still standing proudly helping support the platform above it. But the vehicle—whatever sort it

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Dragon Boat

On the second day of my Portland trip I was invited to join a practice session with a competitive Dragon Boat racing team. They only had 19 of the full 20 rowers available that morning and let me take the empty seat. It helped that I knew someone on the team. The team is called

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Good Samaritan

Ann stopped by today and while the discussion was mostly about university-type things, she did end up on a tangent that touched me. It was a story that I want to share as it shows that the Good Samaritan is alive and well—at least in Canada. She and an ex-boyfriend, (I’m not really clear on

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Mother’s Day

Today me and my mom and my step-dad celebrated Mother’s Day with a picnic and a hike. The weather was amazing and unexpected. It was the sort of day where my mom took off her raincoat about a half of a mile in. While the weather report said otherwise, it did not rain at all

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Mother’s Day Prepping

Late night prepping for a Mother’s Day picnic (rain or shine) and bike ride (shine only—otherwise maybe Scrabble or whatever she wants to do). With a packed weekend, it was cook now or it wouldn’t be much of a picnic… The picnic / doing something outside (bike riding, hiking, kayaking, etc.) is something of a

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