I enjoy writing of all types from technical instructional manuals to journal entries to poetry and more. In many cases this is just a way for me to arrange my thoughts, be able to replicate something I’ve done, or work through things. For journal entries, it is a way for me to somewhat reliably remember an event. From what I have heard and read, the human brain does not store memories in a “read-only” fashion, so each time you revisit that memory it may change and that change may perpetuate to the next time it is “remembered” and possibly changed again. That is why some of my journal entries end with a note that too much time has passed since the event so I do not trust that all the details would be true at least to my perception at the time. On the other hand, a memory is more than just facts. Sometimes the feelings around a memory or thought will take hold resulting in a short story or an essay. Those are the sorts of things that you will find here. Please enjoy (or not) these brief glimpses into my mind and accounts of certain days in my and my family’s life.

We Want Your Vote

This parody is based on the top-polling 2016 Presidential candidates at the time of writing. (To the tune of “We Will Rock You” by Queen) Trump Trump, Jeb!  (Replaces foot stomp and hand clap rhythm)Trump Trump, Jeb! Neurosurgeon Doctor   Benjamin Carson,Carly Fio-ri-na and Ted Cruz You got Mike Huck-a-bee   And Rick SantorumTelling Chris Christie to lay …

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99 Problems Parody

This parody was written for one of our team members at work when she left the company leaving behind some ongoing projects. It contains references to projects and vendors specific to our job, so some things may not make sense. (To the tune of “99 Problems” by Jay-Z) If you’re having time problems I feel …

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Short Meeting

This parody was written after a weekly meeting that usually runs for a long time ended pretty quickly. With the unexpected time on my hands I suppose I could have gotten some work done, but instead I wrote this. (To the tune of “American Pie” by Don McLean) A long, long time ago I can …

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Broccoli Song

This was written for the kids to get them to eat broccoli. (To the tune of the chorus in “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga) What’s green and shaped like a treeAnd fills our mouths up with glee?It is that awesome veggieWe call bro-cco-li! We eat it up for a snack,We eat it up at …

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