Liam (Almost) in Haiti

Liam was on a mission trip to Haiti earlier this week. The flight took him and 32-some others down to Ft. Lauderdale.  Then there was a delay…

It was just something that happens when you’re flying right?

The kicker is that when they finally took off and were 2000 feet off the ground of the Haiti airport the pilot was waved off and had to take a sharp drive upward to 20k feet.

If there was no delay they would have a totally different story to tell.

My son’s flight as later told was waved off because people had just set fire to the Haiti airport.

This stuff is on the news. A couple of other church groups, one from Michigan who were about to leave at the same time as my son’s flight were stranded (for a few days) in Haiti due to the unrest.

(They are back home safe now.)

My son and his group ended up landing in the Dominican Republic which let no one off the plane in no uncertain terms. There were machine guns and yelling as I am told.

22 hours later they arrived back in Ft. Lauderdale with having to arrange lodging and transportation to there for 33-some people.

The next day (over 24 hours later) was sleeping and pool-time. The next day a church service and more fun.

On the fun side of things, when people were jumping into the ocean and being helped up by hand on a submerged ladder, Liam decided to pull himself up on his own.

There were various muscles/clams/something on the ladder that others and Liam seemed to miss with others helping them up by hand. Except Liam ran into them pulling himself on his own.

Blood everywhere as I’m told and cuts that I can see.

Yeah, that’s my son. He made it back fine with a story to tell. The medic on site patched him up well with no stiches needed. Scars maybe, we’ll see.

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