Good Samaritan

Ann stopped by today and while the discussion was mostly about university-type things, she did end up on a tangent that touched me. It was a story that I want to share as it shows that the Good Samaritan is alive and well—at least in Canada.

She and an ex-boyfriend, (I’m not really clear on the relationship and what transpired, but I did ask if they were dating again and she said no), decided to go to a place in Canada that has some historical significance for breakfast and sight-seeing.

They made it across the bridge, but I guess missed the area to exchange money and were in Canada proper. After asking someone where to get currency they were directed to the train station. But when pulling into parking the ex swiped a curb and as Ann told it the tire blew and she could put her thumb through the hole.

Her ex, after looking, said that he didn’t have a jack or the right tools to change the tire.

So they went into the train station and exchanged money then asked people working there if they had a jack. While they got “no” as an answer someone—some random stranger—overheard this and offered his jack.

So fast forward and they get the tire off the ground, but no one, (including the jack lender), could get the tire off.

Then this random stranger says he has an AAA membership, (I guess they have that in Canada), and can call someone to help “for free”—which he does.

The AAA-supplied person arrives and after a look says that the bolts are stripped and can’t do anything about it.

Then the AAA card member, (who hopefully made his train), makes another call and on his status/membership, (remember not his car or someone he knows), has the car towed to what Ann describes as a “single person garage”.

All this was done just because and not for money.

So when they got to the garage, the “single person” was able to fix things. Then, as Ann explains, he said, “this costs $20, but if you can’t afford it that’s OK.”


Ann and her ex paid the man. But he also told them that driving in Canada without a passenger-side mirror could get them towed with a $1000 fine, (the car the ex drives does not have that mirror).

They thanked him and headed back to the US before getting into more trouble.

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