Tuna Salad

This comes together very quickly and can be adjusted to your tastes and what you have in the house. Have celery and like a little crunch? Then add about 1T of finely diced celery to the mix. Don’t like tomatoes? Then just leave them out. You could also add grated parmesan, parsley, different types of […]

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Salmon Burgers

This is a base recipe for a salmon burger. Based on your mood or what you need to use in your house, additional items may be added to the patty or the toppings you use. The original recipe recommended putting coleslaw on top, which I liked. However, I do not usually keep cabbage around, so

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Beer Battered Fish

This is my favorite way to deep-fry fish. It produces an extremely crispy exterior and a tender, flakey interior. It is typically served with “chips” (french fries), and the frying oil may be used for both. When doing so, it is recommended to do the final fry of the fries after the fish as the

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