Most of the recipes here were actually made with bison meat and not beef. That is probably why most of them are cooked on lower heat or perhaps with more liquids or added fat to avoid the meat from drying out. If the recipe specifically calls for beef then there is probably a reason for that. Otherwise, I would say that these recipes are designed to work with a leaner cut of meat.

Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

This meatloaf began as a Halloween-themed recipe I found on the Internet. However, my son and I liked it so much I cut the recipe into a third of the original, and cut out the “zombie-style” decorations for cooking any time of the year. Even though I usually use bison, the bacon around it and […]

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This recipe is a take on the sliders you find at White Castle. For the buns you may use a pre-packaged variety or use the recipe for Quick Buns.  Also, instead of the pre-packaged onion soup mix, you may use one of the copy-cat recipes for that which may be found on the Internet. I

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Cheeseburger Egg Roll

What is better than a cheeseburger? How about a deep-fried version? While these do take some effort to put together, the rest of the process is quick and easy. You may freeze uncooked ones, so is something you may prepare well in advance. When ready to deep fry them you may put them in frozen.

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American Goulash

This is a simple, one pan dish that is good for a quick meal on a cold night. It is also very customizable by using different cheeses or cheese blends, adding things such as sweet and/or hot peppers or other fresh vegetables such as carrots to the onions during the sauté step, or adding things

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Beef Strognaoff

This is a favorite recipe for the cold winter months. Served over egg noodles, it is a great choice for when you want some “comfort food”. The recipe uses crème fraîche, which, if you make at home, requires a few days advanced preparation (see the recipe). While sour cream may be substituted, crème fraîche is

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