Egg Drop Soup

I once had an “authentic” version of egg drop soup at a restaurant in Chinatown in Las Vegas. It was not the bright yellow, gelatinous version that you find in many Chinese restaurants in the US. Instead, it was a lighter, more nuanced broth with various items added to it such as spinach and mushrooms. […]

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This is a hearty and versatile tomato and egg dish which is great for chilly mornings when you are not in a rush. The tomato base can be modified in many ways to get the flavors you want or to use up produce. While this recipe uses spinach, olives, and feta cheese, those are optional

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Hard Boiled Eggs

I have read way too many articles and watched way too many videos on the subject of hard boiled eggs. In the end it seems that there are a number of factors–real or imagined–that contribute to how easy it is to remove the shell, how to keep the shell from cracking, the firmness of the

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Spanish omelette cooked and displayed on a white plate.

Spanish Omelet

I do not usually make a traditional Spanish Omelet, but instead make more of a frittata. However, a Spanish omelet is a good base on which to grow and is tasty, probably due in part to the large amount of fat added to it. A traditional Spanish Omelet only contains thinly sliced potatoes and onions,

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Deviled Eggs

I usually only make these once a year for Easter dinner. I am not sure why I do not make them more often as I tend to consume any leftover from Easter dinner within a day, so I obviously like them. I have tried a few different versions over the years and have found that

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