Hard Boiled Eggs

I have read way too many articles and watched way too many videos on the subject of hard boiled eggs. In the end it seems that there are a number of factors–real or imagined–that contribute to how easy it is to remove the shell, how to keep the shell from cracking, the firmness of the …

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Spanish Omelet

Spanish omelette cooked and displayed on a white plate.

I do not usually make a traditional Spanish Omelet, but instead make more of a frittata. However, a Spanish omelet is a good base on which to grow and is tasty, probably due in part to the large amount of fat added to it. A traditional Spanish Omelet only contains thinly sliced potatoes and onions, …

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Deviled Eggs

I usually only make these once a year for Easter dinner. I am not sure why I do not make them more often as I tend to consume any leftover from Easter dinner within a day, so I obviously like them. I have tried a few different versions over the years and have found that …

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