She Glared at Me Today

I said, “hello,”
What was her answer–
A look of distrust;
A look of distain.

What will she prove
With that icy stare?
That I am unworthy
To help raise our kids?

I said, “hello”;
She didn’t reply.
The look on her face
Was answer enough.

Am I a fraud;
An unworthy man?
For over eight years
An uncaring rapist?

I said, “hello,”
An innocent word.
One only uttered
For bridging the gap.

Thrown back at me
With malice and hate.
Wishing me to hell;
But I’m already there.

I said, “hello”;
I wish that I hadn’t.
It’s so much easier
To ignore the past.

But then we’re doomed
To do it again.
So I said, “hello,”
Then went on my way.

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