Ann’s Pizza Burger

Recently the kids and I ate at Red Robin. They were holding a contest where people would send in their ideas for a burger. The winning concept would then be featured on the menu. Since seeing that the kids and I have been experimenting with various burger options at home. We’ve made ham and cheese burgers where cubes of ham and cheese were stuffed into the middle of a patty, a Mexican burger for which I cannot recall the recipe, and Ann’s Pizza Burger.

To replicate this, make patties (I use ground turkey, egg, bread crumbs, pasta sauce, and salt and pepper). Cook for a bit. Spread pizza sauce on top, add toppings, (I used diced tomatoes, some sliced ham cut up and fried for a bit, and onions), add a pinch of the Italian herb mix, then top with mozzarella cheese, (soy cheese for William). Broil to melt the cheese. I’ve never seen the kids eat dinner so fast.

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