Christmas Tree Decorations

Ann wasn’t happy with the way William and I were haphazardly placing ornaments on the tree, so she took them all off and had us organize them into distinct groups: snowflakes, angels/Santas, colored balls, stars, hearts, snowmen, animals, etc. (The Nativity scene is always hers to place as the angel on top is mine.) Then she and William took turns placing rows on the tree based on the groups. She is quite the organizer, planner, and coordinator! Anyway, if you look closely at the picture, you may notice that all the snowflakes are at the top, followed by the colored balls, then angels/Santas, and so on. It seemed like an odd way to do things to me, but it turned out great. Afterward, William sat on the couch and made Ann sit on him over and over with much shrieking and laughter. Hey, what’s more entertaining than…a couch?!?

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