Birthday in COS

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I was in sunny Colorado that week. Well, maybe a couple cloudy days, but nice weather overall. Except it’d be like 20-something with the wind chill in the morning and by lunchtime it’d feel like 60-something and I’d get teased about my coat. Good thing I brought a light jacket too. The person I was working with that week was from California and gave me a term I hadn’t heard before: the San Francisco Fleece. It’s when people visit SF in summer and don’t bring a jacket, so end up getting one at a tourist shop because it’s colder by the water than they expected. The first time I went to Mackinac Island, (last week of July), I ended up getting the kids and I “Mackinac Island Fleeces”, (and some jeans, but those we got at Meijer on the way).

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