Short Meeting

This parody was written after a weekly meeting that usually runs for a long time ended pretty quickly. With the unexpected time on my hands I suppose I could have gotten some work done, but instead I wrote this.

(To the tune of “American Pie” by Don McLean)

A long, long time ago

I can still remember how those projects used to make me smile.
And, I knew that my specs were right
So coding them would be no fright,
And management was happy for a while.

But when K2 came on the scene
Just one year turned to umpteen.
A meeting on the invite–
Best strap in for the long flight.

Into a fog I did descend
Repeating long discussions with no end.
Then it happened I can’t comprehend:
The call, it stopped on time.

So, bye, bye, FedEx Meetingplace
Got my updates in the minutes with a smile on my face.
And good ol’ boys hopping off of the call, thinking
What to do with all of this time?
What to do with all of this time?

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