Questions and Answers

I wrote this on my 40th birthday.

If I turned forty today how would I feel?

As a youth in times of Noah?
   As an old man in ancient Rome?
Maybe I would feel “middle aged”,
   (As these days it’s commonly known)?

If I turned forty today what would happen?

Perhaps some morbid reflection;
   Regret of things passed and undone?
An over-the-hill party theme–
   (“From here on it won’t be much fun!”)

I turned forty today and this is what happened.

The same as thirty and twenty–
   (I can’t remember turning ten).
Another day is a blessing;
   Things left “undone” can still begin.

I turned forty today and this is how I feel.

As a youth with much still to do.
   As an old man with life to share.
Maybe middle aged—I can’t say;
   Ask that again in the next year!

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