The recipes here are things that I have made many times as they are things that me or my family enjoyed at one point in our lives. Therefore, these recipes are more for me, my family, or other meal-time guests as a reminder of how something was made. While I enjoy cooking and learning the science and techniques around it, and therefore spend quite a bit of time experimenting in the kitchen, I am not looking to put recipes here just for the sake of content. Except for maybe some stand-out cases that I expect to make multiple times, you will not find things here that use tools or ingredients that are not easily accessible to me, or use complicated, time-consuming techniques. For more food content, please visit the Pictures / Videos link in the menu and select the Food section.

The serving size for most recipes here are between two and four unless it is something that can be frozen that still tastes good when reheated. In most cases, measurements or even ingredients are suggestions, and are only provided as a baseline. Unless a more time-consuming process or “exotic” ingredient adds a significant improvement to my subjective enjoyment of the meal, these recipes will take the easier albeit arguably less “elevated” path. So, take what you find here as a distillation of those things that have made a lasting impact on me in one way or another.

Three Bean Chili

This is a simple, vegetarian chili recipe that can be customized to your tastes or what you have available. It freezes well and can be reheated in the microwave. Different vegetables and beans may be used, and cheese or sour cream make great toppings. Fresh beans may be used, but canned are easier and the […]

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Country Style Ribs

This is more of a technique than a recipe as there can be a wide variation in the thickness and size of the “ribs” available at the store. If you are working with smaller pieces of meat then you may want to reduce the time of the baking when uncovered to reduce the risk of

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Swedish Meatballs

I have made a lot of different types of meatballs and while most were not objectionable, they were also not too noteworthy. However, one day I came across the tip to use hydrated gelatin in the meatball mix. That resulted in a nice, spongy texture to the meatballs that I found enjoyable and noteworthy. Even

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Bread Dressing

This has been my Thanksgiving dressing recipe for several years now. While I only tend to make it one time per year, it is a Thanksgiving staple at my house. I usually bake some Whole Wheat Bread the day before, rip it into roughly one inch chunks, spread evenly on a baking sheet and let

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Chicken Paprikash

This is a nice comfort food that is great to have on a cold day. Different recipes have differing opinions on whether to leave the bone and/or the skin on or not. I personally like the bone removed as I prefer not eating things with bones with a fork and knife, and this is not

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Potato Puree

At the time of writing, this is my favorite way to make a mashed potato side. It contains a lot of butter, but that does allow for using things like a hand mixer without worrying about making the potatoes too dense. The main adjustment I make to this is the amount of liquid added. The

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Extra Creamy Hummus

This is a base hummus recipe that is very smooth and creamy. Other things can be added to it as desired. For example I have mixed in things such as cooked spinach and roasted red bell peppers. You may adjust times and liquid to make a consistency you like. I prefer a smooth but somewhat

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Salmon Burgers

This is a base recipe for a salmon burger. Based on your mood or what you need to use in your house, additional items may be added to the patty or the toppings you use. The original recipe recommended putting coleslaw on top, which I liked. However, I do not usually keep cabbage around, so

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Shrimp Scampi

This a quick and easy pasta dish with nice flavors. I usually have some shrimp in my freezer and it can be thawed quickly by putting it in a bowl of cold water and changing the water a couple times over 10 minutes. If you would like to add some more vegetables to the meal,

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