This is my life, baby. Some short moments, some longer ones, and some where I just forgot the end. Then there are the times that I experienced things that I loved but never put pen to paper. Those are mine and these are yours.

Out of Gas

This is as nearly as close to empty as I have ever gotten. Note that the tank holds 21 gallons meaning I had a little over a half gallon left. (I showed this picture to my daughter and she fixated on the price until I directed her to the gallon line and explained why I […]

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Race to Exit Italy

I woke up and checked my watch. It was 4:15 which was 15 minutes before my alarm was set to sound. Sighing I rolled over and shut my eyes hoping to squeeze as much sleep as I could out of the available time before facing either a full day of travel or one of sight-seeing.

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Lighthouse Prints

I am on a long-running mission to get more artwork in the house; there are so many large blank walls around begging for adornments. However, it is also important to me that the work have some meaning. Granted, that is not always necessary as sometimes I will just run across something and am like, “hey,

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Random Dinner

I’m not sure what to call dinner tonight. Perhaps “Ground Bison with Other Things in the Fridge”. I am usually pretty good at using or freezing perishables before I leave on a work trip. That means when I return home the refrigerator is usually pretty bare. Therefore, as soon as my plane touched down yesterday,

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4AM in Italy

After waking up at 4AM in Italy (10PM Michigan time), then spending the next 15 or so hours driving, walking, waiting flying and so on, I just want to come home and… Then we’re off to Ann Arbor for dinner which was at, of all places, an Italian restaurant. To be honest I picked the

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Internet Honeypot

A long time ago my profession was network security. One tool we used to watch techniques “black-hats” used to break into networks was what was called a “honeypot”. You basically put a tempting target on the internet with various types of monitoring on it and waited for someone to try and attack it. The idea

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