This is my life, baby. Some short moments, some longer ones, and some where I just forgot the end. Then there are the times that I experienced things that I loved but never put pen to paper. Those are mine and these are yours.

Walk Like an Egyptian

I have been listening to the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” for most of the evening.  It wasn’t me playing it over and over; it was the kids.  I don’t have anything against the song.  If it came on the radio I wouldn’t turn it off and I probably have it in my music collection […]

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William Birthday

A while back I asked William what we wanted to do for his birthday. I expected something like take his class to Zap Zone for laser tag, go ice skating, go to Chuck-E-Cheese, etc. Instead, he said he wanted to eat out and then come home and play “sports” with friends. I was a little

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Tigers Baseball Game

I took the kids to their (and my) first baseball game at Comerica Park today. I’m not big into baseball, but the kids are. They know all the players on the Tiger’s roster and even have nicknames for some of them, (Sir Spits-a-lot I guess is a pitcher, but didn’t play this game, Bobble-Head, and,

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Ann Button

Ann’s quote of the night: “I can sew and tie off a button. That’s a useful skill when I get married. Especially if he’s big. ‘Pop! Honey! I lost another button!’ ‘*sigh* Oh, dear.’” I wonder if she’s planning to marry the Incredible Hulk…?

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Setting Off Security

For several months I’ve been setting of store security systems maybe half the time when passing through. The kids found this rather funny and started taking bets if the alarm would go off. (There was much cheering either way, which I’m sure looked pretty odd.) Recently, I took the plastic card holder out of my

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Ann’s Pizza Burger

Recently the kids and I ate at Red Robin. They were holding a contest where people would send in their ideas for a burger. The winning concept would then be featured on the menu. Since seeing that the kids and I have been experimenting with various burger options at home. We’ve made ham and cheese

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