Wish I Could Remember That Song

This morning I awoke from a dream with the strong idea of a hook. In my head I saw some old-fashioned music video shot in black and white that looked like it was played on a VCR. It featured a crowd dressed in hippie clothes swaying back and forth.

Then came the hook.

The crowd started jumping around with abandon raising blurred hands presumably flipping the bird. Words like Bowie and Dylan and one other that I can’t remember were uttered by the narrators of the scene.

I awoke wanting that song or at least the hook, but it eluded me and the dream slipped away.

All that remained was a strong desire to listen to Devo’s Gut Feeling, which is kind of weird at 6AM. But I like that song because of the chaos. The drummer, who is supposed to keep flawless time, keeps changing the tempo and it’s like everyone else is caught unawares trying to stay in a pocket that keeps moving. It’s a complete mess in my view with everyone failing to get in sync and finally just giving up.

Slap Your Mammy.

My daughter and I were watching Jeopardy yesterday. I forget the category, but the answer was “what is fleeting”. The clue had to do with “Riff-Raff” and “Time Warp”. Now when my kids and I watch Jeopardy there is no limit on how soon we can answer a question, so the pressure is always on. I knew that I knew this answer, but had to rewind to the start of the song and play it back in my mind, so it took a few seconds. I was sweating. After answering my daughter was like, “good one, dad, have you seen Rocky Horror?”

Uh, yeah, once or twice. Wait, have you?

I told her that a local mall used to have a movie theater in it that showed Rocky Horror every Saturday night. I failed to mention that we used to have to sneak in because at the time we were underaged. It wasn’t that hard. We’d get there a little early and stand by the exit doors to the parking lot then just walk in as people exited like we were supposed to be there.

After waking, grasping at the forgotten hook, and all the rest, I remembered words from a song in the film: Don’t dream it, be it.

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