Author name: Karyl F. Stein

Tigers Baseball Game

I took the kids to their (and my) first baseball game at Comerica Park today. I’m not big into baseball, but the kids are. They know all the players on the Tiger’s roster and even have nicknames for some of them, (Sir Spits-a-lot I guess is a pitcher, but didn’t play this game, Bobble-Head, and, […]

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Ann Button

Ann’s quote of the night: “I can sew and tie off a button. That’s a useful skill when I get married. Especially if he’s big. ‘Pop! Honey! I lost another button!’ ‘*sigh* Oh, dear.’” I wonder if she’s planning to marry the Incredible Hulk…?

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Setting Off Security

For several months I’ve been setting of store security systems maybe half the time when passing through. The kids found this rather funny and started taking bets if the alarm would go off. (There was much cheering either way, which I’m sure looked pretty odd.) Recently, I took the plastic card holder out of my

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Ann’s Pizza Burger

Recently the kids and I ate at Red Robin. They were holding a contest where people would send in their ideas for a burger. The winning concept would then be featured on the menu. Since seeing that the kids and I have been experimenting with various burger options at home. We’ve made ham and cheese

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The Paper Cup

The paper cup,drained, discarded,buffeted aboutby indifferent winds.Its purpose in life,the relief it gave,now forgotten–a snapshot in time.The final fallwith laughter in parting.Its concrete bed,an uncaring grave.Longing to be,quench thirst once again.But who wants to drinkfrom a dirty used cup? Aimless direction,a jungle of death.The crisscrossing pathspinning out of control.Glimpses of painwe try to avoid,while high

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She Glared at Me Today

I said, “hello,”What was her answer–A look of distrust;A look of distain. What will she proveWith that icy stare?That I am unworthyTo help raise our kids? I said, “hello”;She didn’t reply.The look on her faceWas answer enough. Am I a fraud;An unworthy man?For over eight yearsAn uncaring rapist? I said, “hello,”An innocent word.One only utteredFor

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Fast Forward

Fast forward throughThe daily routine.No need to watch;You’ve seen it before. Although subtle changesMay sometimes appear,They remain unseen–Lost in the blur. Something catches your eye,You grab the remote.But the controls don’t work,The batteries are drained. So there is no stop;There is no rewind.The play button’s broken;Hang on for the ride! The cassette wheels spinWith diamond-tipped

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Seven Shadows

I:  Death She stood above me at the top of a long, plush staircase—each stair padded with a thin layer of foam and encased in a red velvet shell—holding the spiritual implement of my death in her sticky, blood-stained hands. Her yellow shirt was paired with white shorts, white knee socks, white shoes, and a

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