The recipes here are things that I have made many times as they are things that me or my family enjoyed at one point in our lives. Therefore, these recipes are more for me, my family, or other meal-time guests as a reminder of how something was made. While I enjoy cooking and learning the science and techniques around it, and therefore spend quite a bit of time experimenting in the kitchen, I am not looking to put recipes here just for the sake of content. Except for maybe some stand-out cases that I expect to make multiple times, you will not find things here that use tools or ingredients that are not easily accessible to me, or use complicated, time-consuming techniques. For more food content, please visit the Pictures / Videos link in the menu and select the Food section.

The serving size for most recipes here are between two and four unless it is something that can be frozen that still tastes good when reheated. In most cases, measurements or even ingredients are suggestions, and are only provided as a baseline. Unless a more time-consuming process or “exotic” ingredient adds a significant improvement to my subjective enjoyment of the meal, these recipes will take the easier albeit arguably less “elevated” path. So, take what you find here as a distillation of those things that have made a lasting impact on me in one way or another.

Finished cheese sauce topping broccoli, grilled chicken, and egg noodles served on a white plate.

Cheese Sauce

This is a generic cheese sauce. It can be made with various types of cheese. While the original recipe has a focus on it being a sauce for vegetables, I use it for things like macaroni and cheese, cheesy potatoes, and cheesy chicken pasta. See the notes below for cautions about certain types of cheese […]

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Chicken stir fry cooked and displayed in a pan.

Chicken Stir Fry

The kids and I like a dark soy sauce and have tried several recipes before finding this one. At one point I made up a sauce that we really liked, but it was totally by accident and did not take notes so the recipe was lost. This is pretty close to it, though. Timing Prep:

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Basic Pancakes

This is a basic pancake recipe that, after many iterations, was what the kids decided were their favorite at the time. They may be easily expanded by adding different things such as blueberries or chocolate chips. My son likes thick pancakes with a gooey center, which could be achieved by adding more flour to get

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Tangy BBQ Sauce

This is a generic BBQ sauce probably considered as of the Kansas City variety. It is tangy yet sweet, and can be tempered with more sugar if desired. It does not need to simmer the full time listed in the recipe, but I like it thick as well. This sauce is probably something that you

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