A Long Island iced tea in a tall glass surrounded by the items used to make it.

Long Island Iced Tea

Contrary to the name of this drink, it contains absolutely no tea. It is instead a mixture of a number of different types of alcohol. The “tea” name comes from the lemon juice giving a strong citrus flavor and the dark cola giving it a color similar to tea. This is a crisp drink I […]

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A french press coffee maker.

French Press Coffee

Outside of espresso-based coffee drinks, my favorite way of preparing coffee is with the French Press. It is less convenient when making coffee for a gathering as it has to be made in multiple batches, but for daily use, once you find your preferred coffee to water ratio, it comes together fairly quickly. This recipe

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A margarita in a martini glass surrounded by the items used to make it.


When I am looking for a crisp, refreshing, citrus drink on a hot day, the margarita is one of my first choices. I do not like the salted rims or the larger margarita glasses, and prefer a version with just the basic ingredients. Timings Prep: 2 minutesMixing: 1 minuteTotal: 3 minutes Ingredients Steps

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An old fashioned in a small glass surrounded by the things used to make it.

Old Fashioned

While I usually like my whiskey neat with a splash of water, there are times that I prefer a cold, “desert” whiskey. In those cases I turn to the Old Fashioned as it is a refreshing end to dinner. Many times I will skip the simple syrup. I do not have a mold to make

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A gin martini in a martini glass surrounded by the items used to make it.

Gin Martini

I like a plain gin-based martini, usually with a little added olive brine, and stirred–not shaken. I really wanted to like the vodka “shaken, not stirred” martini so I could do a (bad) James Bond impression when ordering it. Although bartenders may get that all the time and not really find it funny. Timings Prep:

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