Kung Pow Chicken

This meal comes together quickly, although if serving with rice then extra time may be needed. The ingredients may also be prepared in advance, including adding the chicken to the marinade, and stored in the refrigerator for a few hours until ready to cook. I like some spice heat in my food and this recipe

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Tikka Masala

This is a quick and fairly simple way to make something with the flavors of an Indian curry. I have tried it with the meat from the legs and thighs of a whole chicken as well as with the breast meat. My preference is to use breast meat, but either are great. Using dark meat

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Chicken Paprikash

This is a nice comfort food that is great to have on a cold day. Different recipes have differing opinions on whether to leave the bone and/or the skin on or not. I personally like the bone removed as I prefer not eating things with bones with a fork and knife, and this is not

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Four sealed mason jars containing finished chicken stock.

Chicken Broth

Chicken broth is one of those elements that are nice to have on hand. I use it for sauces, gravies, rice, and as a more flavorful substitution for water. However, I frequently do not use an entire container of store-bought broth at one time, so can end up wasting it if I do not use

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Thai Basil Chicken

This recipe is quick and flavorful. It also comes together quickly, so make sure to prep everything in advance. If you are serving with rice and/or a fried egg be sure to prepare those first. I will usually start the rice then prep the ingredients, and then fry the egg in the pan I will

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Chicken Bruschetta

With tomatoes in the garden I need as many recipes as possible that use them, (a single tomato plant is very bountiful!) This is a nice, clean chicken recipe. Timing Prep: 10 minutesCook: 10 minutesWait: 25 minutesTotal: 45 minutes Ingredients For the Breadcrumb Mixture For the Bruschetta Steps There are three things to prepare. First

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Chicken stir fry cooked and displayed in a pan.

Chicken Stir Fry

The kids and I like a dark soy sauce and have tried several recipes before finding this one. At one point I made up a sauce that we really liked, but it was totally by accident and did not take notes so the recipe was lost. This is pretty close to it, though. Timing Prep:

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