This is my life, baby. Some short moments, some longer ones, and some where I just forgot the end. Then there are the times that I experienced things that I loved but never put pen to paper. Those are mine and these are yours.

Birthday in COS

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I was in sunny Colorado that week. Well, maybe a couple cloudy days, but nice weather overall. Except it’d be like 20-something with the wind chill in the morning and by lunchtime it’d feel like 60-something and I’d get teased about my coat. Good thing I brought a light […]

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Basement Flooding

For the past week and a half, water has mysteriously appeared in the basement collecting in small, scattered pools.  Fortunately, the basement is unfinished except for a somewhat painted and sealed concrete floor, but the kids use it as a play area and a lot of their toys are down there.  Again, fortunately, I have

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Trying on Clothes

The kids wanted to go to the mall instead of ice skating (??).  Ann had Liam pick out things for her to try on and vice versa.  William ended up in a suit and Ann a few layers at Aeropostale.  At Justice while waiting for Ann to change, William and I pretended to be asleep

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Walking With William

Liam and I had a night together because Ann was at a sleepover.  We put together a 3-D puzzle, did laundry, cooked dinner, washed dishes, made beds with clean sheets from the laundry, played tennis in the basement, and played Minecraft.  There were a lot of cool things there. The next day we went on

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Within a minute after it hit midnight, it sounded like something out of an action movie outside—gunfire everywhere.  My neighbor even squeezed off a few rounds.  There were some fireworks too, but there’s something distinct about the sound of a gun.  (The next day when talking about this with family I was asked about the

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Back to Back Parties

On Monday, Ann hosted a Halloween party, (this was the day after a great toilet explosion detailed earlier, but you wouldn’t have known it except the wood flooring was and still is somewhat warped in the hallway—I call it “character”).  Ann planned it all from decorations to activities to snacks to the invite list.  The

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Toilet Breaking

One of these days I will learn to just hire it out… The downstairs toilet has been going off on its own for over a year now.  It’s been annoying, but I’ve always managed to adjust or reseat some piece of equipment in the reservoir tank to buy a couple weeks of stability.  But last

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